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The ECOSYS P2040dw monochrome desktop printer combines exceptionalprint quality with advanced features for the budget conscious business.It provides large paper capacity, standard duplex, and print speeds upto 42 ppm in a highly reliable device with low TCO and ECOSYS long lifeconsumables.
The new b/w ECOSYS P2135d printer has been designed to handle largeprint volumes reliably and silently. Its quietness is paralleled by its compactness, which ensures that it will fit into any business environment.It prints up to 35 pages per minute, can hold up to 800 pages and comeswith a standard duplex functionality for double-sided printing, makingit even more economical. These features give it the means to carry outeven large print runs without ever troubling you with printer noises ordowntime.
ECOSYS stands for ECOlogy, ECOnomy and SYStem-printing. With their long-life components, ECOSYS devices are designed to maximise durability and minimise the total cost of ownership with regard to maintenance, administration and consumables. The cartridge-free system means that toner is the only consumable. The modular design concept allows you to add workflow enhancing functions as required. Integrated system software provides long-term cross network compatibility. KYOCERA’s long-life components cost you and the environment less.
Where performance meets affordability, the ECOSYS P3045dn is a very capable yet compact printer designed for smallerteams and workgroups. With a print speed of up to 45ppm, only 5.9 seconds to print the first page and comprehensivemobile print support, this printer will make printing easy and flexible for the whole team. In addition, the running costsand environmental impact of the device are kept exceptionally low thanks to its long-life components.
The ECOSYS P3050dn was created to meet the demands of your growingbusiness for exceptional performance and reliability in its documentimaging solutions. A monochrome desktop printer that defies expectations,it packs standard features and productivity-enhancing options into asmall footprint. Print speeds up to 52 ppm, scalable paper capacity andstandard duplex combine with on-the-go mobile printing capability,walk-up USB accessibility and upgradable memory to help maximize yourbusiness potential. Durable and versatile, the ECOSYS P3050dn keepsyour information moving and your workgroup productive.
When the going gets tough, you need a printer that exceeds all expectations to help you meet your deadline and theECOSYS P3055dn does exactly that. With a print speed of up to 55 pages per minute, a fast time to first print and superior1200 dpi resolution, it satisfies even the most demanding of workgroups. The device has enhanced security features andflexible paper handling options, with a maximum paper capacity of 2,600 sheets. It’s long-life components meanincredibly low running costs and low impact on the environment.
As the premium model in this series, the ECOSYS P3060dn has it all. It boasts high-speed printing with 60 pages perminute, only 4.9 seconds to print the first page and a maximum paper capacity of up to 2,600 sheets. And with reliabilitythat is second to none, thanks to the long-life components, you can rely on this ECOSYS printer to deliver low total cost ofownership and or exceptionalluy low environmental impact.
Wonderfully fast and reliable, this printer also comes with a highly functional modular design that large departments need to get the entire job done. And with a print speed of 51pages per minute in A4, the Kyocera FS-9530DN can handle large print volumes faster than you thought.