Ricoh MP 5054SP Black and White Laser Multifunction Printer (50ppm)

Ricoh MP 5054SP Black and White Laser Multifunction Printer (50ppm)
Ricoh MP 5054SP Black and White Laser Multifunction Printer (50ppm)

Ricoh MP 5054SP Black and White Laser Multifunction Printer (50ppm)

Part Number:RICMP-5054SP
All for one, one for allDo it all from the MP 5054SP TE. Print, scan, copy and fax information with students, instructors and administrators with intuitive controls customized specifically for today's busy campus environment. Work quickly with one-touch automated workflow shortcuts and output speeds that reach 50 pages per minute (ppm) for black-and-white printing and 180 images per minute (ipm) for color scanning.

Manufacturer Part Number:

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Desktop, Monochrome copier, MF
Manufacturing Status:Discontinued (12/2016)
Part Number:417046
Speed Segment:4

Domestic Intro Date:February 2015
OEM:Ricoh (Info not avail)
Also Sold As:Lanier MP 5054; Savin MP 5054 
Predecessor Model: 
Replacement Model:Ricoh MP 5055
Replacement Date:02/01/2017
Distribution:Dealers, branches and subsidiaries
Max Monthly Duty Cycle:Info not avail
Recommended Monthly Volume:50,000 impressions
Internet Fax:OptNetwork Fax:Opt
Network Printer:StdPC Fax:Opt
First Copy Time:2.9 sec
Multicopy (Ltr/Lgl/Ldgr):50 cpm/Info not avail/Info not avail
Warm-up Time:14 sec
Std Paper Source(s):Dual drawer
Std Paper Capacity:550/550 sheets
Paper Weights:16 to 80 lbs
Bypass/Paper Weights:100-sheet/14 to 80 lbs
Max Paper Sources/Cap:6/4,700 sheets
Max Original Size:11 x 17
Min/Max Output Size:5-1/2 x 8-1/2/12 x 18
Copy Resolution:600 x 600 dpi
Std/Max System Memory:2-GB RAM, 320-GB HD/2-GB RAM, 320-GB HD
Duplex:Auto (1:2,2:2,2:1)
Capacity/Paper Sizes:Unlimited/5-1/2 x 8-1/2 to 11 x 17
Document Feeder:Std DSPF
Capacity:220 orig
Paper Weights:11 to 34 lbs
Sorter (Bins/Capacity):None
Stapler Sorter:None
Bins/Stapling Cap:Not applicable
Stapling Positions:Not applicable
Finisher:Opt finishers
Tray/Stapling/Pos(s):500, 1,250, 1,250, 2,250, 3,250/50/4, 3, 3, 4, 4
Options include: 500-sheet inner finisher; 1,000-sheet finisher (250/1,000); 1,000-sheet (250/1,000) with V folding of up to 15 sheets (60-page booklets) and 2,000-sheet (250/2,000) with V folding of up to 20 sheets (80-page booklets) booklet finishers or 3,000-sheet finisher (250/3,000); opt paper bank (two 550-sheet drawers); opt 2,000-sheet or 1,500-sheet LCT; hole punch option avail for finishers; electronic sorting;
Network User Authentication:Yes
IP Address Filtering:Yes
MAC Address Filtering:Info not avail
HDD Overwrite:Std
Max Overwrites:9
HDD Encryption:Std
Secure Print:Yes
Encrypted Secure Print:Yes
Encrypted PDF Mode (Encrypted Scanning):Std
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL):Yes
Transport Layer Security:Yes
S/MIME; encrypt address book; password encryption; Windows, LDAP and Kerberos authentication; 802.1x wired authentication; WPA (Wi-Fi Protect Access Support); std DOSS & HDD encryption; opt Copy Data Security unit prevents unauthorized copying of documents
Automatic Features: AES, AMS, APS, AS, ATS
Book Copy:YesJob Programs:25
Booklet Mode:StdJob Time:No
Copy Control:1,000Margin Shift:Yes
Editing:StdOHP Interleaving:Yes
Energy-Save:YesPhoto Mode:Yes
Erase:StdPoster Mode:No
Image Insert:NoPreset R/E:7R, 5E
Image Overlay:NoProgram Ahead:Std
Image Repeat:YesSheet Insertion:Std
Image Rotate:StdStamping:Std
Job Build:No2-in-1:Std
XY Zoom:Yes  
Zoom Range: 25 to 400 (1%)
Double copies; ID card copy; simple screen; sample copy; series copies; paper designate; background and page numbering; magazine copy; preset, user and date stamps; chapterization; center and border erase
Control Panel:Keypad and 9" color touchscreen
Quantity Selector:1 to 999 (0 to 9 keypad)
Message Display:Yes
Help Key:No
Dimensions (HxWxD):37.9" x 23.1" x 26.8"
Weight (Base Unit):163.1 lbs
Power Requirements:120 V, 12 A
Energy Used While Power Off:Info not avail
Energy Used in Power Save Mode:Info not avail
Energy Used in Ready Mode:Info not avail
Energy Used While Copying:Info not avail
Energy Used While Printing:Info not avail
Energy Used While Scanning:Info not avail
Max Power Consumption:Info not avail
TEC Value:2.2KWh
Dedicated Outlet:Not required
Energy Star Compliant:Yes
Operating Noise Level:71.4 dB
Std adjustable 228.6 mm/9 inch color customizable touch screen with SD card and USB flash memory slots; free Ricoh Smart Device Print & Scan App allows printing and scanning from Apple and Android devices; document server is 73-GB and has a 3,000 document capacity; std Java VM; utilities include std Smart DeviceMonitor, Web Image Monitor and opt GlobalScan NX; Embedded Software Architecture allows for the development of key applications to enhance workflow
Connectivity Specs
Client OS Support:Win XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008, 7, Server 2012, 8, Mac OS 10.6+, Citrix, Linux, Novell Netware, SAP, UNIX
Parallel Interface:Opt
PC Fax/Print/Scan:No/Yes/Yes
Serial Interface:None
PC Fax/Print/Scan:Not applicable
USB Interface:Std 2.0, std 2.0 (host)
PC Fax/Print/Scan:Yes/Yes/Yes
Network Interface:Std Ethernet, opt wireless
Interface Type:10/100/1000BaseTX, 802.11a/b/g/n
LAN Fax/Print/Scan:Yes/Yes/Yes
Networks Supported: 
NetWare:YesWindows NT:Info not avail
AppleTalk:Info not availUNIX:Yes
AS/400:YesOther:SAP R/3
Near Field Communication:No
Embedded Software Platform or Extensible Solutions Interface:Embedded Software Architecture
Printer Specs
Engine Mfr/Model:Ricoh/MP 5054
Compatibility:PC, Mac
Speed:50 ppm
First-Page-Out Time:2.9 sec
Max Print Area:Info not avail
Enhanced Resolution:Not applicable
Unenhanced Resolution:1200 x 1200 dpi
Std/Max Printer Memory:Shared
Controller Mfr/Model:Ricoh/GWNX
Processor/Bits/MHz:Info not avail/Info not avail/533
PDL/PCL:PCL 5e/6, opt Adobe PostScript 3, opt IPDS, opt XPS
Controller Mfr/Model:Not applicable
Processor/Bits/MHz:Not applicable
PDL/PCL:Not applicable
Controller Mfr/Model:Not applicable
Processor/Bits/MHz:Not applicable
PDL/PCL:Not applicable
Other: PDF direct print w/opt Adobe PostScript 3; watermarks; sample/locked/hold/stored print; std USB/SD card slot; poster printing; universal print driver
Scanner and Image Management Specs
Connection Type:Network, USB
Technology/Scan Speed:CCD/110 ipm color, 110 ipm black
Max Resolution:600 x 600 dpi
TWAIN Compatible:Yes
Scan Destinations: 
LDAP Support:Yes
File Formats Supported:JPEG, PDF, PDF/A, encrypted PDF, compact PDF, TIFF
Scan/Image Software:Opt GlobalScan NX
OCR Software:Opt OCR unit
File Mgmt Software:Opt GlobalScan NX
Other: Color scanning; 256 grayscale; WSD scanner; scan to NCP; scan to USB/SD
Facsimile Specs
Scanner Technology:CCD
Compression Method:MH/MR/MMR/JBIG
Modem Speed:33.6 Kbps
Max TX Resolution:200 x 200 dpi
Gray Scale/Halftones:256 levels
Std/Max Fax Memory:4-MB RAM/60-MB RAM
Min/Max Orig Size (WxL):5-1/2 x 8-1/2/11 x 17
Max Paper/Print Width:11/Info not avail
Correct-Order Output:Yes
Batch Files:Yes
Effective Scan Width:11
Battery Backup:1 hr
Relay Request:Yes
Confid TX/RX:Info not avail
Dual Lines:Opt
Multi Access:Yes
Transfer Hub:Yes
Dialing Capabilities: 
Broadcasting (Grps/Dest):100/500
Redial Attempts/Intervals:Info not avail
One Touch/Speed Dial:None/2,000
Other:Book transmission; image rotation; LAN fax; IP fax; fax forwarding to e-mail/hard-drive/folder; up to three G3 lines
MP 6054 Black toner cartridge (842126): Priced by dealer; Yield: 37,000; Coverage: 6%
Black drum (D1979510): Priced by dealer; Yield: 160,000
Black developer (D1979640): Priced by dealer; Yield: 160,000
PM Schedule: 160,000
RT3030 LCT 1,500 sheets (416548): $1,910
PB3260 LCT 2,000 sheets (417270): $1,909
PB3250 Paper-feed unit 1 x 550 sheets (416545): $759
PB3220 Paper-feed unit 2 x 550 sheets (417268): $1,584
BU3070 Bridge unit (416551): $220
SR3140 Finisher 1,000 sheets (416539): $1,930
SR3160 Finisher 3,000 sheets (416541): $3,550
SR3170 Finisher booklet (416542): $5,110
SR3150 Finisher booklet (416540): $4,040
SR3130 Finisher internal (416543): $1,580
PU3040 Punch unit (416615): $983
PU3050 Punch unit (416609): $980
PU3060 Punch unit (416612): $1,000
SH3070 Tray internal shift sort (416550): $450
BN3110 Tray one bin (416552): $580
Type M3 Bracket for key counter (416869): $131
Type M3 Bracket keyboard (416909): $110
Type F Cabinet (100478FNG): $250
Type M3 Caster table (416737): $270
Type M3 Display smart operation panel (416910): $380
Keyboard USB external: $70
Type M12 Browser unit (417080): $116
Type M12 Fax option (417100): $1,530
Type M12 Fax option connection unit (417078): $300
Type M12 Fax option Super G3 second and third line (417101): $910
Type E File format converter (414007): $817
Type M12 SD card for NetWare printing (417081): $200
Type M12 USB device server (417084): $270
Type M2 Interface 802.11a/g/n (416572): $800
Type A Interface Parallel (411699): $134
Type M12 64-MB fax memory (417102): $205
Type M12 Adobe PostScript 3 (417079): $740
Type M12 IPDS unit (417082): $1,625
Type M12 XPS direct print (417083): $111
Type 3352 Bracket for card reader (415814): $160
Type M12 Card reader for Smart cards (417129): $115
Type G Copy Data Security Unit (416391): $960
Type I Data Overwrite Security (416372): $530
Type M12 Counter interface unit (417111): $81
XG-PCS-15D Power filter ESP (006428MIU): $346
Type M2 OCR unit (416605): $340
Type S Ricoh HotSpot embedded (415620): $961