Sharp MX-5070V Color Desktop Laser Multifunction Copier (50ppm/50ppm)

Sharp MX-5070V Color Desktop Laser Multifunction Copier (50ppm/50ppm)
Sharp MX-5070V Color Desktop Laser Multifunction Copier (50ppm/50ppm)

Sharp MX-5070V Color Desktop Laser Multifunction Copier (50ppm/50ppm)

Part Number:SHAMX-5070V
The MX-5070V A3 color device is an enhanced solution centric MFP that workgroup productivity anytime, anywhere. Single sign on cloud connectivity, mobile connectivity via WiFi, USB direct printing of MS Office files,OCR for scan to searchable PDF and Scan to Office provide flexible workflows. The standard Print Release function allows users to send and store documents to a main MFP, which acts as a server. Print jobs can then be released securely at up to five connected network-ready devices.

Manufacturer Part Number:

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Max Monthly Duty Cycle:200,000 impressions
Recommended Monthly Volume:Info not avail
Internet Fax:OptNetwork Fax:Opt
Network Printer:StdPC Fax:Opt
First Copy Time:4.8 sec color/3.7 sec black
Multicopy (Ltr/Lgl/Ldgr):50 cpm color/50 cpm black
Warm-up Time:15 sec
Std Paper Source(s):Single drawer
Std Paper Capacity:550 sheets
Paper Weights:18-lb bond to 110-lb cover
Bypass/Paper Weights:100-sheet/16-lb bond to 110-lb cover
Max Paper Sources/Cap:6/6,300 sheets
Max Original Size:11 x 17
Min/Max Output Size:5-1/2 x 8-1/2/12 x 18
Copy Resolution:600 x 600 dpi
Std/Max System Memory:5-GB RAM, 500-GB HD/5-GB RAM, 500-GB HD
Duplex:Auto (1:2,2:2,2:1)
Capacity/Paper Sizes:Unlimited/5-1/2 x 8-1/2 to 12 x 18
Document Feeder:Std DSPF
Capacity:150 orig
Paper Weights:9 to 32 lbs
Sorter (Bins/Capacity):None
Stapler Sorter:None
Bins/Stapling Cap:Not applicable
Stapling Positions:Not applicable
Finisher:Opt finishers
Tray/Stapling/Pos(s):500, 1,000, 1,000, 3,000, 3,000/50, 50, 50, 65, 65/3
Electronic sorting; opt inner finisher has one tray (500 sheets), stapling up to 50 sheets and stapleless stapling (up to five sheets); five-sheet stapleless finishing available on the inner finisher, MX-FN30 3,000-sheet finisher and MX-FN31 3,000-sheet finisher
Network User Authentication:Yes
IP Address Filtering:Yes
MAC Address Filtering:Yes
HDD Overwrite:Std
Max Overwrites:10
HDD Encryption:Std
Secure Print:Yes
Encrypted Secure Print:Yes
Encrypted PDF Mode (Encrypted Scanning):Yes
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL):Yes
Transport Layer Security:Yes
IEEE 2600-2008 compliant; DoD (NSTISSP) #11; CAC/PIV access control; 256-bit encryption with up to 10 times data overwrite; secure fax release requires user to enter PIN code; opt Data Security Kit offers additional features such as data overwrite at power up, document filing access control and restricted status display; end-of-lease feature overwrites all data, including document filing, user data, job status, date and address book; Authority Groups restrict specific copying, printing, scanning and fax features
Automatic Features: AES, AMS, APS, ASO, ATS
Book Copy:YesJob Programs:Yes
Booklet Mode:StdJob Time:No
Copy Control:1,000Margin Shift:Yes
Editing:StdOHP Interleaving:Yes
Energy-Save:YesPhoto Mode:Yes
Erase:StdPoster Mode:Yes
Image Insert:YesPreset R/E:4R, 4E
Image Overlay:StdProgram Ahead:48
Image Repeat:YesSheet Insertion:Std
Image Rotate:StdStamping:Std
Job Build:Yes2-in-1:Std
XY Zoom:Yes  
Zoom Range: 25 to 400 (1%)
Zoom range 25 to 200% (1%) through document feeder; blank page skip; book divide; card shot mode; centering; dual page copy; image preview; mirror image; mixed-size originals; multi-page enlargement; original count; proof copy; tab copy; tab-paper insertion; tandem copy; toner-save mode; watermarks; stamping and custom stamps
Control Panel:10.1" color touchscreen
Quantity Selector:1 to 9,999 (0 to 9 touch keys)
Message Display:Yes
Help Key:Yes
Dimensions (HxWxD):33" x 24" x 26"
Weight (Base Unit):198 lbs
Power Requirements:110-127 V, 20 A
Energy Used While Power Off:0.1W
Energy Used in Power Save Mode:0.9W
Energy Used in Ready Mode:134W
Energy Used While Copying:Info not avail
Energy Used While Printing:Info not avail
Energy Used While Scanning:Info not avail
Max Power Consumption:1920W
TEC Value:Info not avail
Dedicated Outlet:Not required
Energy Star Compliant:Yes
Operating Noise Level:Info not avail
Connectivity Specs
Client OS Support:Win Vista, Server 2008, 7, Server 2012, 8, 10, Mac OS X 10.4-10.10, Citrix, Linux, Novell NetWare, UNIX
Parallel Interface:None
PC Fax/Print/Scan:Not applicable
Serial Interface:None
PC Fax/Print/Scan:Not applicable
USB Interface:Std 2.0, std 2.0 (host) x 2
PC Fax/Print/Scan:Yes/Yes/Yes
Network Interface:Std Ethernet, std wireless
Interface Type:10/100/1000BaseT, 802.11a/b/g/n
LAN Fax/Print/Scan:Yes/Yes/Yes
Networks Supported: 
NetWare:YesWindows NT:Yes
AppleTalk:Info not availUNIX:Yes
AS/400:Info not availOther: 
Near Field Communication:No
Embedded Software Platform or Extensible Solutions Interface:Open Systems Architecture (OSA)
Printer Specs
Engine Mfr/Model:Sharp/MX-5070N
Compatibility:PC, Mac
Speed:50 ppm color/50 ppm black
First-Page-Out Time:Info not avail
Max Print Area:Info not avail
Enhanced Resolution:Not applicable
Unenhanced Resolution:1200 x 1200 dpi
Std/Max Printer Memory:Shared
Controller Mfr/Model:Sharp/Network printing system
Processor/Bits/MHz:Info not avail/Info not avail/1.9 GHz
PDL/PCL:PCL 6, Adobe PostScript 3
Controller Mfr/Model:Not applicable
Processor/Bits/MHz:Not applicable
PDL/PCL:Not applicable
Controller Mfr/Model:Not applicable
Processor/Bits/MHz:Not applicable
PDL/PCL:Not applicable
Other: Serverless print release allows users to release print jobs from any of up to five MFPs on the network designated as clients; print from USB; auto configuration; bar code font printing; carbon copy print; chapter inserts; color adjustments; continuous printing; custom image registration; different cover page/last page/other page; document control; document filing; folding; form overlay; hidden pattern print; image stamp; image type; job bypass print; job retention; layout print; multiple pamphlet; network tandem print; N-up printing; offset stacking; page interleave; poster print; proof print; print and send; punching; stapling; tab paper print; tab printing; toner save mode; transparency inserts; tray status; user authentication; direct printing of DOCX, JPEG, PCL, PDF, compact PDF, encrypted PDF, PNG, Adobe PostScript, PPTX, PRN, TIFF, TXT and XLS files; universal print driver
Scanner and Image Management Specs
Connection Type:Network, USB
Technology/Scan Speed:CCD/100 ipm color, 100 ipm black
Max Resolution:600 x 600 dpi
TWAIN Compatible:Yes
Scan Destinations: 
LDAP Support:Yes
File Formats Supported:DOCX, JPEG, PDF, PDF/A, compact PDF, encrypted PDF, searchable PDF, PPTX, RFT, TIFF, TXT, XLSX, XPS
Scan/Image Software:Std ImageSend, std Sharpdesk
OCR Software:Std Sharpdesk, std embedded OCR software
File Mgmt Software:Std ImageSend, std Sharpdesk
Other: Scan to USB, desktop, fax and internet fax; embedded OCR capabilities converts scanned documents into text-searchable PDFs or Microsoft Office file formats
Facsimile Specs
Scanner Technology:CCD
Compression Method:MH/MR/MMR/JBIG
Modem Speed:33.6 Kbps
Max TX Resolution:406 x 391 dpi
Gray Scale/Halftones:256 levels
Std/Max Fax Memory:1-GB RAM/1-GB RAM
Min/Max Orig Size (WxL):5-1/2 x 8-1/2/11 x 17
Max Paper/Print Width:11/Info not avail
Correct-Order Output:Yes
Batch Files:Yes
Effective Scan Width:11
Battery Backup:Yes
Relay Request:Yes
Confid TX/RX:Yes/Yes
Dual Lines:No
Multi Access:Yes
Transfer Hub:Yes
Dialing Capabilities: 
Broadcasting (Grps/Dest):500/500
Redial Attempts/Intervals:Programmable
One Touch/Speed Dial:2,000/2,000
Other:Tx time 2 sec per page; inbound routing to email; quick on-line tx; direct tx; F-code tx/rx; rotate tx; anti-junk fax reception; auto staple received files; secure fax release; out of paper memory rx; auto redial; 2-in-1 rx; duplex rx; activity reports and PC fax
Black toner cartridge (MX-60NTBA): Priced by dealer; Yield: 40,000; Coverage: 5%
Cyan toner cartridge (MX-60NTCA): Priced by dealer; Yield: 24,000; Coverage: 5%
Magenta toner cartridge (MX-60NTMA): Priced by dealer; Yield: 24,000; Coverage: 5%
Yellow toner cartridge (MX-60NTYA): Priced by dealer; Yield: 24,000; Coverage: 5%
Black drum (MX-60NRSA): Priced by dealer; Yield: 250,000
Cyan drum (MX-60NRSA): Priced by dealer; Yield: 200,000
Magenta drum (MX-60NRSA): Priced by dealer; Yield: 200,000
Yellow drum (MX-60NRSA): Priced by dealer; Yield: 200,000
Black developer (MX-60NVBA): Priced by dealer; Yield: 500,000
Cyan developer (MX-60NVSA): Priced by dealer; Yield: 400,000
Magenta developer (MX-60NVSA): Priced by dealer; Yield: 400,000
Yellow developer (MX-60NVSA): Priced by dealer; Yield: 400,000
Waste toner container (MX-607HB): Priced by dealer; Yield: 50,000
PM Schedule: Info not avail
Banner tray (MX-LT10): $210
LCT 3,000 sheets (MX-LC17): $1,570
Paper drawer 550 sheets with low stand (MX-DE29): $885
Paper-feed unit 1 x 550 sheets (MX-DE25): $885
Paper-feed unit 1 x 550 sheets and 1 x 2,100 sheets (MX-DE28): $2,000
Paper-feed unit 2 x 550 sheets (MX-DE26): $1,130
Paper-feed unit 3 x 550 sheets (MX-DE27): $1,570
Finisher 1,000 sheets (MX-FN28): $2,600
Finisher 3,000 sheets (MX-FN30): $3,050
Finisher booklet 1,000 sheets (MX-FN29): $3,050
Finisher booklet 3,000 sheets (MX-FN31): $6,000
Finisher inner (MX-FN27): $2,000
Job separator (MX-TR20): $55
Paper pass unit (MX-RB25): $445
Punch unit for MX-FN27 (MX-PN14B): $735
Punch unit for MX-FN28/29 (MX-PN15B): $735
Punch unit for MX-FN30/31 (MX-PN16B): $735
Tray exit center (MX-TU16): $80
Tray exit right (MX-TR19): $160
Table utility (MX-UT10): $160
Fax option expansion kit (MX-FX15): $1,360
Fax option Internet (MX-FWX1): $570
Fax option Internet downloadable version (MX-FWX1SPC): $570
Fax option stamp unit (AR-SU1): $180
Interface kit vend (DVENDFS): $100
Barcode font kit (MX-PF10): $625
Data security kit commercial (MX-FR52U): $575
Sharp Sharpdesk 1 user license (MX-USX1): $245
Sharp Sharpdesk 10 user license (MX-US10): $790
Sharp Sharpdesk 100 user license (MX-USA0): $3,825
Sharp Sharpdesk 3.5 1 user license downloadable version (MX-USX1SPC): $245
Sharp Sharpdesk 3.5 10 user license downloadable version (MX-US10SPC): $790
Sharp Sharpdesk 3.5 100 user license downloadable version (MX-USA0SPC): $3,825
Sharp Sharpdesk 3.5 5 user license downloadable verson (MX-USX5SPC): $525
Sharp Sharpdesk 3.5 50 user license downloadable version (MX-US50SPC): $2,575
Sharp Sharpdesk 5 user license (MX-USX5): $525
Sharp Sharpdesk 50 user license (MX-US50): $2,575